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Poll: If SheZow season 1 got a physical or digital release, would you buy it?

If SheZow season 1 got a physical or digital release, would you buy it?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Some Sweet New SheZow Fics!

It's no secret that I write a lot of SheZow fanfiction. However, right now, I'd like to talk about a few stories by different writers. These stories are rather bittersweet and focus on character development with a bit of humor in there too. They're also short reads, so not a huge timesink like my own stuff is.

The first is Decompressing, by Wikitiki99. This fic goes into detail on the physical and mental stresses of being SheZow. Not anything specific to being a crossdressing superhero, but a superhero in general, who can end up having to go into battle at any time, any day. Guy ends up suffering from some major sleep deprivation and it hits him hard. Go check it out, like right now.

The second and third fics are Radioactive and Gasoline, both by Yaoimelody. They essentially get a sort of twisted love triangle going with Maz at the center, and SheZow and SheZap both trying to express their affection, but in very different ways. SheZap's sadism really shows here, and the Maz/SheZow scenes please me to no end. They get rather dark, though, especially Gasoline, so steer clear if you can't handle really bad things happening to your potentially favorite character.

That's basically it for now. If I see any more fics that look worthwhile to spread the word about, I'll do so. In the meantime, if you're hungry for more reads, go browse the SheZow section of FFN yourself and see what you like. They occasionally pop up on DevianTart as well.

Regardless of which way they fall, it can only end well.

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